All in One Device

SchApp is Desktop and Mobile ready for school administrators, teachers, parents and students.
It has all you need to manage student data from application to examination reports.
Organisation of report cards, application data, class bio data, assignments, study materials and many more has been made easy by SchApp flexible, well structured and easy to use platform.

Our Partners

We give you all the features your school needs!


School Administrators have access to many administration features to help ease out their work.


Students can now have all their school work and reports uploaded directly to their student portal.

Virtual Learning

All students can get access to rich study materials uploaded by the teachers and other study materials from other school.


Teachers can now take attendance very easily from their profile.


All school finances can be handled by SchApp. Fee ticket can be generated and paid by our online portal.


SchApp provides a general directory where the contact details of staff and students can be uploaded.


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